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Sydney Australia is renowned to be among the top 10 most livable cities in the world. Sydney
managed to stay in the top 10 ranks despite the fact that Sydney Australia has always been a
city that has grown along its traffic problems besetting them though not to the extent of foreign
cities and having to resort to traffic zones like London. You could describe Sydney as being akin
to the proverbial Spiders Web pattern, expanding and at the same time increasing the amount
of traffic that wants to either get into the city or across to other sides.

That has been coped with to some extent by having ring roads and city bypass systems
developed. However, peak hours and holiday weekends traffic is something horrendous for
Sydney residents. In Sydney Australia, some people can increase their working hours by about
50% with commuting times which makes the growing attraction of inner city living, overcrowding,
prices explosion, dual income families, and the growing social problems that cities seem to

New immigrants to Sydney should consider looking to establish themselves in a regional city if
their occupation or whatever allowed that. Even a slight occupation change or if income is not
going to be an issue, this option should be considered seriously. If this is possible, one of the
most beautiful places of Australia to live in, one with a moderately mild all year climate is the
South Coast of NSW.

Sydney must radically improve housing affordability and the provision of better infrastructure if it
is to become a more attractive place to live.

Sydney has been voted among the best 10 livable cities in the world several times. However, on
a national level, it was recently voted as the worst place to live in Australia. This is because
public transport, housing affordability, traffic congestion, public schools are detracting in service.

Sydney Australia has always scored high in terms of cultural entertainment and climate. For
many, this makes it the most livable city in the world. Sydney will always makes it livable despite
all of its critics.

New migrants or even Australians in general always ask the question:
Living in Sydney or

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