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Your new Life in Sydney: Preparation is (Almost) Everything
If you have browsed this site, you probably already have a good understanding of how great the
quality of life in Sydney is. It is not very surprising that the city is a major magnet and a preferred
destination for immigrants and expats from all corners of the world ¬¬- maybe you would like to
make a home in Sydney one day as well.

Before you make up your mind and pack your things, remember that preparation is essential! After
all, you want to make your transition into your new – and maybe also a bit unfamiliar – surroundings
as smooth as possible. If you are headed towards Sydney with your work permits and visa being
handled by your future employer – making you an Employer Sponsored Worker – you have already
championed a giant step towards making Sydney your new home. However, like any giant
metropolis of renown, life in Sydney comes with its very own virtues and quirks that you should
familiarize yourself with well in advance. Furthermore, Sydney is obviously not a city devoid of its fair
share of problems, of which the clogged streets are probably one of the most enervating during the
daily grind, particularly for commuters. Still, the city has a considerable draw on people from all
around the world, and rightfully so.

In any group of expats, many have probably faced a similar situation before: you browse the local
library or the web for information on the city that will be home for a couple of years, but the key info is
often missing. But information on practical and administrative issues is what expats – and this
obviously includes
expats looking to settle in Sydney – need most before their big step abroad. No
matter if it’s about schools for their children, health insurance, or simply the best way to get around
town without a car.

Luckily, with the city’s large expatriate population and its continued popularity with people from all
over the world looking to start a new life abroad, the Internet is a readily available source for
information that caters specifically to expats’ needs. If you take your time to thoroughly research the
city, the info you will be presented with will surely be enough to safely get you through the turbulent
first couple of weeks after arrival. More often than not, you will come across valuable tidbits of info
you would not have thought to actively look for, so the more in-depth your research, the better. It also
often pays off to go visit the personal blogs of other expatriates in Sydney to get a first glimpse of
what awaits you.

Obviously, you will still need some time to acclimate to your new surroundings. Go out and explore
as much as possible – Sydney is a sprawling city, and being patient and absorbing everything it has
to offer will definitely pay off. However, there is still the chance you might miss something of worth to
expats in general or relevant to your personal interests. Try to connect and network with other expats
so as not to miss out on anything! The
InterNations Sydney Community, for example, hosts monthly
events which are great to meet and mingle with like-minded individuals from all over the globe.
Preparation is important – but so is being an active, open-minded part of your surroundings. Don’t
miss out!