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Most migrants to Australia are faced with the basic question: should we call Sydney or Melbourne
Home? The answer to this million dollar question depends on many factors.

For one, both cities are listed in the most livable cities in the world according to many surveys.
While Melbourne ranked as number 3 and Sydney ranked as number 6 on worldwide level, both
cities have their
Sydney is known to have many recognized icons such as the Opera house of Sydney and Sydney
harbor which is one the most beautiful harbors in the world. Many other attractions make Sydney
sound the city to head to if you are trying to settle it or even visit Australia.

However, you need to consider Melbourne as well as it is renowned for its uniqueness. The Yara
river in Melbourne is as beautiful and distinguished as Sydney harbor according to Melbourians.

Considering the weather,
Melbourne Australia is renowned for its "crazy weather". During June to
September, you can experience the four seasons in one day. You could start the day with the cold
of the dawn, very hot afternoon, fairly windy atmosphere and then rain during the night. While
Sydney weather is less "crazy", it also can get its share fair of oddness. Melbourne is much colder
than Sydney in Winter and hotter is summer. Sydney on the other hand experience high humidity
during some summer days. Both cities require air conditioning in the summer period.

So, whether it is Sydney Australia or Melbourne Australia, you need to consider where you will be
happier. In our opinion, family gatherings and friend makes either of the two cities heaven... or
even hell.

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Living in Sydney or Melbourne? that is a good question!