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How to Find jobs in Sydney Australia could be frustrating to some. It could take you one week
or up to one year for a find the job that you want in Sydney. The job hunting market in Sydney is
very competitive. You need to improve your skills, network well with employers and head
hunters, have a local experience in Sydney or other Australian cities and good command in
English if it is not your first language, of course.

You need to be patient and be optimistic to find a job in Sydney if you are settling in. Employers
in Sydney are obliged by the law to treat you fairly. They cannot discriminate against your ethnic
background, religion, race, sex, or age. It is illegal to be questioned about any of the above
during a job interview.

Sydney employers prefer skilled migrants. If you come from an ethnic background
where English is not your first language, you might face some challenges in
finding a job in Sydney as a new migrant. This is because Sydney employers
prefer staff who can speak and write English fluently. This is usually referred to
by employers as “Local Experience”.

Taxi Driver job in Sydney could be a quick way to earn cash. However, you need
to have an Australian drivers licence in the state that you will work in, in Sydney
case it is NSW, pass the taxi driver exam which focuses on knowing your way in
Sydney. Most Taxi drivers in Sydney depend on their cash income away from the
praying eyes of the taxman!!! Same thing can be said about working as a
security guard or a cashier in a convenience shop.

New migrants who feel they have been discriminated against in a job
opportunity can resort to the tribunal in Sydney.
Click here to know your rights
while looking for a job in Sydney.

Certain skills such as medical practitioners and civil engineers might be required
to certify their overseas certificates. This is because Australia has its own set of
standards when it comes to medicine and civil construction.

Other skills such as the IT and Telecom are much easier to find a job in Sydney.
Sales and marketing are also required skills in Sydney. But be careful, Good
English accent is a must for these type of jobs.

Find a job is Sydney is not as difficult as it sounds in the above paragraphs.
Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It attracts the largest number of students,
backpackers, migrants looking for work. Jobs in Sydney ranges from anything
from casual bar work to working nine to five in an office. Driving a Taxi is an easy
option if you have a driver license and can pass the exam to be a Taxi driver. The
exam focuses on your knowledge of the different suburbs and attractions of

Your quick guide to find jobs in Sydney Australia
Find jobs in sydney australia