The Cost of living in Sydney compared to the UK shows that in Australia sometimes you
would pay double or up to 14 times more than the UK same items. If you compare a
shop for ten basic items at a supermarket in the United Kingdom to purchasing the
same items here, the difference is surprising.

Supermarket prices when converted to Australian dollars

Food item        UK price        Australian price
Corn flakes        $3.06        $5.25
Flora                  $2.50        $4.60
Eggs                  $1.01        $2.39
White bread      $1.01        $4.00
Dolmio sauce    $1.47        $2.19
Baked beans    $1.00        $1.75
Mince                $2.19        $4.12
Bananas           $1.00        $2.98
Cling wrap        $0.78        $1.39
Potatoes          $1.60        $1.98
TOTAL               $15.62     $27.65

The price of Australia's most popular grocery item, bananas was affected last year
when Cyclone Yasi obliterated much of the country's crop. They went up to just under
$14 a kilo. At the same time New Zealand, the UK, France and the United States were
all paying less than $2.50.

At just under $35 an hour, it is cheaper to park in London and even New York.

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