Making Money in Australia is the dream of all new
immigrants to Australia. Having a good time is the goal of all
tourists to Australia.

Arriving in Australia as a migrant, refugee or humanitarian
entrant, there are new things for you to adjust to. For sure,
you will feel "Home Sick" for six to 12 months....or years!!
How quickly you can settle happily in Australia depends on
many factors, such as your English capability, your health,
and whether you came as a skilled or family migrant or as a

Most of the new migrants will need help to settle in the OZ
land successfully. As soon as you arrive, you will need
somewhere to live, money to live on and information on
services available to help you get started, such as schools,
transport and health services.

You will also need employment or start your own business
and education. You may need help to improve your English.
Don't forget, you cannot live need to socialise
with friends and neighbours.In this site, information that
helps you settle is made available from different sources.
Depending on who you are and what you are looking for,
your requirements will be different.
Living in Sydney is different
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