Example of curriculum vitae CV (CV Guidelines)

In the Heading

Simply your name followed by the word or 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae'. Note that the word
'Resume' is used more in the USA.

Example : John Smith - CV

Personal Profile

Five to seven high impact lines that describe you. Be assertive, confident and positive when
you construct these key statements. Orientate the descriptions to the type of job you are
seeking. If you have a serious relevant qualification include it as the final point as it will be
noticed more.

Example: Experienced general manager with sales, marketing and customer service and
people management skills


Do NOT list your career history, you’ll do that later on. Use bullet points description of your
experience your capabilities. Make sure you tailor these simple statements to meet the
requirements of the reader by ensuring the experience and strengths are relevant to the job

Employers like honest, eagerness, humbleness, integrity, enthusiasm, passion,
determination, initiative, creativity, originality, organizational ability, planning, cost-
management, people-skills, technical skill, prudence, and reliability. Again tailor the above
according to the advertised job.

Example: Over XX years of experience in recruitment, logistics, human resources.


List your major achievements in each job you experienced. Refer to facts, figures and
timescales using quantitative information, hard facts.

Example: As the human resources director with XYZ company, 30% reduction in recruitment
cost was achieved under my direct leadership.

Career History

Now it is time to list you career history in BRIEF. Start with the most recent or current job and
end with the first. Show starting and finishing years. Don’t worry much about the months
unless it was less than a year. Show company name, city address. Write your job title.

Example: 1999-present XYZ as the General Manager.

Personal Details

Here list your full name (and short one if your have that), sex, address, phone number that
you can ALWAYS be contacted on, email, date of birth, marital status, number of children and
ages if applicable, driving license, education (school, college, university and dates),
qualifications. State that your have references furnished upon request. Date the CV. (
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