Making Money from Home by building a Website and
joining an affiliate program:

The dream of starting your own business comes to all of us at some time. We are
all hesitant to start a business because we don't know if we are the right sort of
person to be starting a business or are worried that they'll start a business and

A new way of generating money online is available now on the Internet. Here is an
idea, create a web site, list ads from Google adsense or similar, and you will be
paid by google every time someone click their ad on your site. Go to for details.

If you can build a Website that has enough visitors, say 1000 visitors per day, you
can make decent money from Affiliate programs on the Internet. Affiliates or
Associates as some programs call them make money by referring their site
visitors to the Affiliate program Website (e.g. Your site will be
provided with a special ID and whenever a vistor of you site click on the affiliate ad,
that ID is passed to the Affiliate program manager. Now, how you get paid differs
from Affiliate to another. Some Affiliates pay you when your visitors buy products
from their site. Others, pay you Per Click on your site.

You can search the Internet for affiliate programs. However, a good site that
summarizes them is on There you find hundreds of people
and site who wants help in selling their products and services.

To decide on which affiliate program, do some research concerning its popularity,
genuinely, number of members, know brand (to ensure that you get paid).
Conversion rate is important as it tells how many referred customers from your
site really buys the affiliate products. For example, 10% means that 10 people out
of 100 buy products from the affiliate program.

Building you web site is not difficult any more. Try Yahoo
has one of the most cost effective web site, stable (Free web hosting service
providers disappear most of the time), great technical support and most
important; tools to help you build you web site, in minutes.

When you build a web site, choose a top that you like and are willing to work with
for months if not year. Your site will take at least 4 months to have decent number
of visitors.

You will need to do online marketing to help drive traffic to your site. Try It is associated with Yahoo and has great tools that you can try for 3
months. It submits your site to most of the search engines in the world. This is
something you can do yourself manually by visiting all the search engines who
allow you to manually add your URL to their search database.

Posting messages about your web site on public forums can also generate free
traffic to your site.
To generate decent traffic to your site, you will need to be listed as a search result
by the popular search engines such as and However, if
you have the money, you can take the short cut and pay to be listed as the first
search result on these search engines. This is done by paying to a Pay Per click
search engine provider such as Yahoo ( or Google
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