Guidelines for writing a professional CV (Click here for a Sample CV)

To find a job, you need to improve your skills. Check this Career
Dream site at

Jobs in Australia depends on you skills, experience, and the Job
Market in each state or City (Click to see the Profile of Australian
Cities). Australia prefers skilled migrants and workers. The first step
you have is to write a professional CV.

CV writing is similar to advertising. Your CV must sell you to a the
employer. It will compete against other applicants’ CV who are also
trying to sell themselves. Your challenge is to make your CV more
appealing and attractive than the others.  This means that your CV
must be professionally presented in a way that indicates that you are
an ideal candidate for the job in terms of possessing the right skills,
experience, behavior, and attitude which the employer is seeking.
Your CV will demonstrate your ability to communicate your ideas in a
business sense clearly.

Keep your CV simple, concise, easy to read and tailored to what the
employer  is looking for. If you find it difficult to tailor your own CV to
the requirements of the advertised job, then perhaps this job isn't for
you. There's little or no point falsifying yourself in order to get a job. If
you falsify yourself in your CV, most likely you will not be able to
present the necessary proof of your falsified skills at the interview.
Even if you manage to do this and you got the job, then you'll not be
able to do the job enjoyably without stress. Lying in your CV is a
strategic mistake that you might regret for the rest of our career.

Avoid your ego in your CV, but emphasize your characteristics
capabilities and achievements. Assertive emphasis and strong
presentation are good, but falsehoods are not. There is a thought in
the schools of management that believes assertive description of
yourself in writing actually helps you become even more like the
person you describe or like.

The presentation and sequence of items in your CV are very
important. When you are selling yourself you need to get to the key
points quickly. The quicker the reader can absorb the key points of
your personality, the more likely he is to recruit you. A well presented
CV indicates that you are professional, business-like and well
Whether your senior or junior, Less is More in your CV. Keep it to One
page or three at the maximum.  Always try to use as few words as

The above guidelines applies to a CV for a full time job, part-time,
internal, external, promotions, new jobs, career changes, internships
and work experience placements.
Click here for a Sample CV
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