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Tips for Business Travellers in Australia

If travelling to Australia on business, you’ll find a fairly informal working
culture in which there are few strict rules of etiquette. However, these tips
may still prove useful...

A Lesson In 'Australian' For My International Friends

So in an attempt to bridge the conversational gap, I have decided to
publish a guide to the Aussie language. I don't want to overload you in
your first lesson so I'll be gentle, patient and brief. If you ever want to
integrate seamlessly into the Australian culture, you'll need to master at
least some of the following words.

Enjoying an Australian Tour

Going on an Australian tour can include anything from wandering the
tropical rainforests of northern Australia, to taking in the night life in the
capital city of Sydney. Whether your penchant is for lush and untouched
scenery or fine wine and entertainment, Australia is sure to have
something to offer you.

Free Property Investing - 7 Ways To Buy Property In Australia With No (or
Very Little) Money Down

Want to buy property with no (or very little) money down? If, so, you need
to do things differently to 96% of people. This article sets out 7 of the best
ways you can do this and become one of the successful 4%!

Australian Business Visa Attracts Business Travels for the Holiday Season

The Australian winter is actually the friendly reversal of Europe's and the U.
S.'s version of deep frost and snowstorm, which is why the Land Down
Under is always a top pick for holiday business travels and for business
people who'd like to extend their work well into winter.

Australia Visa and New Zealand Visa Processing

Visa processing for Australia and New Zealand can be a complex process.
The article is an overview of what is required for different types of visas for
both countries. Particular mention is made of the tourist class of visa.