What are the Attractions of Australia?

Australia is made for adventure travel. Tracts of
wilderness and dozens of national parks offer bush
walking, rock climbing, mountain biking and
abseiling to satisfy even the most energetic
outdoors junkie. Australia’s lakes, rivers, beaches
and reefs are perfect for kayaking, sailing, surfing,
snorkeling and diving.  For those with a head for
heights, take to the air with a balloon ride,
helicopter flight, bungee jump or sky dive. Australia
provides plenty of excitement from flying a jet
fighter (complete with combat kit) to driving a rally

Take to the air as you desire. Australia's wide-
open skies offer plenty of space to para sail over
aquamarine seas. Bungee jump, para glide,
skydiver or view wildlife at dawn from the serenity
of a hot-air balloon. Gliding is highly popular and
helicopters run luxury adventure safaris as well as
joyrides. Australia's vast coastline provides
enough beaches, coves and ports to keep surfers
and marine enthusiasts happy all year round.
Diversions include white water river rafting through
tropical rain forests and canoing through the
Northern Territory's tranquil and majestic Nit milk
(Katherine) Gorge. Australia offers rugged high
country to explore by four-wheel drive or mountain
bike, dramatic ravines to abseil, slopes to ski and
some of the world's most extensive cave systems.

Experiencing Australia requires a bit of research to
highlight your interest of attractions. Australia is
divided into 6 states and several territories. The 6
states are
New South Wales, Queensland, South
Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western
Australia. The two major territories are the
Northern Territory (NT) and the Australian Capital
Territory (ACT).

The largest part of Australia is desert. The middle
desert  of Australia didn’t have a no drop of water
in over a 100 years. The south east and south
west of Australia  have temperate climate and
moderately fertile soil. The northern part has
tropical climate.

When you come to Australia, you should’t miss
visiting the Great Barrier Reef. It is the world’s
largest coral reef and extends for over 1,200
kilometers. It lies a short distance from the north
east coast, Cannes.

Sydney is located in a coastal basin situated
between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the
Blue Mountains to the west. There are more than
70 beaches in Sydney. Try the famous Bondi
Beach of Sydney. Sydney landmarks are Sydney
Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Both
are located in Sydney Harbour. If you are
interested in rowing, boating, recreational fishing,
racing small yachts and Dragon Boat racing, then
you can get all that in Sydney Harbour. The city
also boasts of musical, theatrical and artistic
activities which come under one roof in the Sydney
Festival which happens every January.

Melbourne is another major city of Australia which
is situated in the south east corner of the mainland
Australia. It has a large and vibrant cultural life
along with a chain of pubs, bars and nightclubs.
Fashionable nightclubs, ubiquitous faux-Irish pubs,
serious jazz venues on Bennetts Lane, massive
pickup joints like The Metro on Bourke Street are
all part of the city’s magic.Melbourne has famous
clothing shops for every budget and various outlet
stores in Bridge Road, Richmond for bargain
hunters too!

Perth is a city known for the pristine quality of its
beaches. Unbroken stretches of golden sands run
through the entire length of the city’s coastal
suburbs. If you are a nature lover, then you have
to visit Perth at the Western side of the Australian

Adelaide is the ‘City of Churches’ is a coastal city
situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The name City
of Churches is a reflection of Adelaide’s past
rather than its present. The city has many wine
growing districts such as the Baroosa valley. Food
lovers can taste traditional Australian cuisine which
consists of grilled chops, Sunday roasts etc. Some
English trends are still evident in domestic cuisine
like hot roast turkey, chicken or ham with all the
trimmings followed by Christmas pudding. Australia’
s two most traditional takeaway dishes are the
meat pie and sausage roll.

Queensland is the State that has a dynamic
economy, an enviable climate, and a relaxed
lifestyle. Queensland lies on the north-east of the
Australian Continent, bordering the Pacific Ocean
to the east and Papua New Guinea to the north. It
is Australia's second largest state, taking up about
22 per cent of the continent and has a population
of 4 million spread over rural settlements and the
cosmopolitan state capital, Brisbane.
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