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The process of obtaining a visa for Australia can be complex. This depends
largely on the type of visa being applied for and the evidence you have in
support of your application.

Australia has a different visitors system. If a potential tourist holds an
acceptable passport and has no adverse immigration alert against their
name, they may apply over the internet at the Australian government site for an Electronic Tourist visa. They can only do this whilst
they are outside Australia. Again, check the passport status and your
status will in advance of ticket purchase and making travel plans.

Alternatively, you need to speak to an immigration professional. These
professionals can research your status and eligibility if you have any
concerns. If you do not meet the criteria of these stream line passport
holder processes, you may still be eligible for a tourist visa but have to
submit documentation in support of your application.

If you have health issues, have a background that Australian authorities
may consider unacceptable (you will not know this until you try to enter the
country and your name is picked up on the immigration computer systems)
or been previously excluded from entry to any country, you may need help.
Get this help well in advance of your travel. You will also be denied entry to
Australia once you arrive if immigration authorities suspect that you are not
a legitimate tourist who will depart the country within 3 months of arrival.

Student visas are maybe a means by which an applicant can eventually
obtain permanent residency. But take particular care here. Australian
guidelines for student visas and their possible conversion at the end of the
study to permanent visas do change on a regular basis. For instance, you
may start a course of studies with the intention of, at the completion of
those studies, applying for permanent residency based upon your
academic qualifications. Only to find the government at the end of the
study no longer needs those qualifications.

Applicants for the spouse visa, partner visa, skill visas and business visas
have to go through a rather long and at times complex process of
collecting appropriate evidence and submitting documents in support of
their application. Some people feel confident in doing the process
themselves, others rely on the expertise of trained and experienced
migration professionals.

General Requirements for Australia:

In general – business visa applicants must have an employment
background, be that background of success at a senior executive level in a
company, or have prior successful business ownership in order to be
eligible for a business visa. They then have to submit business proposals
and get approval from both the government immigration authorities and
the local area they wish to set up their business.

The skill visa requires an academic background and experience in the
chosen occupation. The government of Australia is discerning about which
occupations they want and require the academic training and employment
history to meet their standards.

The spouse visa and the partner visa both rely on a sponsor being a
permanent resident or citizen of the country they intend to move to.
Evidence of co habitation and possibly witness statements are also
required to back up the application.

For Australia, candidates must meet health requirements and character
clearances prior to any visa being granted. In every case, visa applicants
must have sufficient funds to support themselves.

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