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Sydney is an incredibly popular family holiday destination. However, for many families, getting to
Sydney involves a long haul flight. Travelling long haul with kids, especially young children, can
be a little trying at times! With this in mind we’ve prepared a guide to travelling long haul with
children, including plenty of tips to help improve your family’s journey.

Worth paying more for

When it comes to airline seating, conditions can be cramped, and when you’re travelling with
kids it can be well worth paying more to take advantage of premier seating offered by most
airlines. The more comfortable you and your children are the less crying can occur! If your child
is under 2, they can travel free provided they sit on your lap. Alternatively you can book them their
own seat at a discount. Paying for this extra seat can be well worth it, and we’d say essential on
long haul trips as sitting with your young child on your lap for the duration of a very long flight will
be uncomfortable for both of you.

Pack a surprise!

While airlines offer inflight movies and music, some with kids specifically in mind, you can help
to keep them occupied for onger by packing a new toy or treat for each of your children. A new toy
or something creative is fun, like a new colouring book or etch-a-sketch, or maybe an MP3
player with lots of their favourite songs already loaded.

Eating and drinking
Most airlines offer special children’s meals on their long haul flights, and you can check that
they are reserved for you when you book. Keep plenty of juice and water at hand to keep every
hydrated, as inflight air conditioning can dehydrate kids and adults, making them sleepy and,
sometimes, irritable! To save time at the airport, make sure your baby’s food is already stored
separately in a transparent zip-lock bag ready for airport security.

Child-friendly airlines

When flying long haul, you’ll find that all airlines provide some kind of inflight entertainment for
their passengers, but some are more child-friendly than others. You may want to avoid flights
where no back-of-seat monitors are available. Children can have difficulty watching movies
played on large front-of-plane screens. Alternatively, you might want to pack a handy portable
DVD player and some kid’s DVDs.

Charter or scheduled?

When searching for flights, charter flights can be tempting as they’re often cheaper than
scheduled departures. However, paying a little extra for a scheduled flight can be worth it, as you’
ll generally find shorter queues and more flexibility with onboard flight arrangements. When
delays occur, scheduled flights take precedence over charter flights, so charter flights can suffer
longer delays too.
Our family guide to preparing for your long haul flight